Careers Snapshot Series - expressions of interest

Thank you for your interest in the UTS Careers Snapshot Series. Your photograph, basic details of your studies, and your responses to the below questions will be shared through the UTS Careers social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc) to inspire current students and graduates. We want to celebrate your career successes! Please note that due to limited space, we may shorten responses or share only a selection of responses.
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Personal Details

Contact details are for our reference only and will not be shared as part of the careers snapshot (except your name, of course). We will be in touch if we need to clarify any details with you.

Please see a previously published snapshot here to give you an idea of the format.

Alumni: don't worry if you've forgotten your student number. We should be able to confirm this based on your name, graduation year and course title which are details we ask for below.
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