UTS Careers - Industry Event and Activity Promotion

Based on the information provided below the event or activity will be promoted through vaious marketing and communication channels that UTS Careers has available. The channels that are used to promote will be at the discretion of UTS Careers and will largely depend on the event or activity, the audience and timing available to promote the event.

Organisation Details

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Event/Activity Details

This will be the name of the event/activity advertised to the students
This will be the description used to advertise to the students
Please provide the link for students to register or can be directed to for more information
Please provide either the physical or online address of where the event/activity will take place

Target Audience

Please ensure your job opportunities are advertised on UTS CareerHub when your event is being promoted and run. This is also an added incentive for students to attend and meet you!
Please select all that apply.
Please select all that apply. More information about UTS courses can be found by visiting https://www.handbook.uts.edu.au/
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